Senior Smart Moves is a company designed to help seniors downsize from their homes into retirement communities.  We are a complete relocation, decorating, and liquidation service.  We have been in business 10 years and have taken special care in trying to provide a caring, patient, professional company to help take the worry out of moving from your home into your new space.  Some of the services we provide are listed below.  You can choose one or all depending upon your needs.



Experienced Decorator to help with decisions on what to take and how to place the items in your new floor plan.



Our team provides all the materials necessary to get your items packed and ready for your move.  We do not subcontract outside labor.  Our team of professionals are employees of Senior Smart Moves.  Once packed, our team will then relocate packed items and furniture to your new apartment or home.  They follow the floor plan provided by coordinator/decorator for furniture placement.  Once items are properly placed, then we start unpacking, organizing and putting away your boxed items.   Finally, we hang your pictures and watch your NEW SPACE start transforming into your NEW HOME.



Once your move has been completed we also provide services for final cleanout of your residence.  We have a background of fifteen years in the Estate liquidation and auction business..  With this experience we can then help you determine, among the items no one in the family can use, which items are saleable and can be liquidated at public auction.  Other items that are not saleable we can donate for you at the charity of your choice.  We also do final cleanout of anything that is just considered non-useable.  Depending on the amount, we can either have a dumpster set onsite or for small amounts we can load and take off-site to the landfill.



We can also help with purchase of any new furniture items if needed.  We also have developed relationships with other vendors in Indy to help with any decorating needs such as curtains, blinds, wallpaper, etc.

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